Town Hall Discussion

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The pandemic situation didn’t affect us. We changed the form of organizing the activities from physical to online, and it’s going great.

We are happy to share with you the Town Hall Discussions organized by our CM.

CM are devided in three groups for THD:

  • Economic and unemployement / Health
  • Human rights and vulnerable categories.
  • Education

The frist THD was held this week on 23 June in Zoom with the group of Economic and unemployement / Health. The CM presented to the audience the followed measures related to Covid-19 and the technical government.

Through discussion, presentation and videos they explained the process of collecting information and data about their measures.

We were happy and satifsied with the interest and questions that the audience showed in this event and made it to be a succesful one.

Join us and participate in the two upcoming THD on 26th and 29 June on ZOOM.

For more information, please follow us on FB page – Support to Electoral Reforms.


from: 23-06-2020 18:00

to: 23-06-2020 19:30



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