Construction of the Fire Station in the village of Gradec

This initiative will monitor the election promise given by the political party in power in the municipality, for the construction of a fire service facility in the village of Gradec. This investment, which is in the program from the pre-election campaign, is also included in the municipal program for 2023. The village of Gradec, located in the municipality of Vrapcishte, is one of the largest villages in that municipality and faces a large number of fires on an annual basis. The quick intervention of the firefighting units is always crucial, but it comes from Gostivar, which means a longer journey. The facility is planned to be built with inter-municipal cooperation with the municipality of Bogovinje, which will also be the beneficiary of the facilities of the facility. This facility for the fire service is a necessary not only for the village of Gradec, but also for the entire territory of the municipality, which is a rural environment, as well as for the surrounding smaller rural municipalities of the region. The obtained monitoring results will be disseminated to the public through: sharing of monitoring results on social media, public forum with the local population, dissemination of printed flyers and posters.