Documentary film - Yll Morina

Results of conducted analyzes for youth

Youth Officer

It's up to YOUth

Is the promise for Foreign Direct Investments in Northern Macedonia fulfilled?

The digital road to better public administration

Immunize yourself!

What youth activities are missing in your city?

What do you think, what opportunities would you have if a youth center were opened?

What do young people think about youth centers where they are not open yet?

100 metronomes

Together for a better future

Initiative “Sharr-Our Natural Home”

Inter-ethnic integration and citizen involvement

Informative video for the initiative ,,Realize everything.Don't stay humble!''

Say no to gambling!

UNESCO on the palm of your hand

Documentary film "Reconstruction"

Trailer of the Documentary Film "Reconstruction"

Digital embassies for safer Macedonians abroad - informative video 2

Digital embassies for safer Macedonians abroad - informative video 1

Deficit studies in North Macedonia

Interactive socializing with people with disabilities

Panel discussion on topic: Digital embassies for safer Macedonians abroad

Innovative Initiatives

Open lists - My vote for my candidate

Proposed activities in the youth centers

Crisis Management Center - Kumanovo

Digital embassies for safer Macedonians abroad

One Service Point

Youth centers

Youth home - activities

Youth home

Castle - The heart of the city

We paddle for gender equality!

Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination

The role of the Commission for Protection and Prevention of Discrimination

Lea Bosevska - Gender equal, sporty healthy

Jovana Pavlovska - Gender equal, sporty healthy

Diana Nedelkovska - Gender equal, sporty healthy

Anita Gocevska - Gender equal, sporty healthy

Urban Youth Cair

Solutions for young people in Strumica

The Aqueduct in Skopje

Gender equality

Inclusive Aerodrom for all

Youth for Digital European Youth Card

Subsidizing social contributions

Bitola SmartАppcity

Foreign Direct Investments in North Macedonia: Dream or Reality?

European Youth Card

Youth participation

What do the young people in Indzikovo need?

The oldest settlement has only one park and one gym, a fact that is disappointing for young people

Infrastructure, false promises and the small number of parks

Reduced education and technology is a major obstacle to socialization

The pollution that lasts for years and the night life that is almost non-existent for the young people from Gazi Baba

The poor nightlife in Gjorce Petrov and the destruction of greenery and the lack of parks

Discrimination as an obstacle for young people for their advancement in society

The municipality to organize more sports events

The biggest problem in one of the oldest settlements in Skopje is the fact that it is disappearing

Marija Pandova from Avtokomanda talks about the problems of the youth in the Municipality of Gazi Baba

Beyond Borders

What will we do with these resources?

Here is what we will do with the resources

Baba Nada

The production of plastic bottles annually generates 2.5 million tons of carbon dioxide

The plastic we throw away every year could orbit the planet 4 times

151 billion liters of oil

80 of the plastic bottles end up in landfills and oceans

Decomposition of a plastic bottle

Production of one plastic bottle

Foster Family = Fair Family

Employment Service Agency

Employment measures

Youth Guarantee

(MK) „Инклузија на лицата со попреченост во политиката“ - Даниела Стојановска Џинковска

(MK) „Инклузија на лицата со попреченост во политиката“ - Борјана Златанова

(MK) „Инклузија на лицата со попреченост во политиката“ - Љубиша Савески

(MK) „Инклузија на лицата со попреченост во политиката“ - Бојана Младеновска

Challenges that young people face in online learning

Construction and opening of the school in Recica

(MK) Обука за видео продукција - Мобилизатори на заедницата

360 degrees season 7, show 41

(MK) Повик за учесници на академијата за јавни политики

(MK) Повик за втора генерација на Мобилизатори на заедницата

(MK) Можност за подмладоците на политичките партии - повик за иновативни иницијативи

Election Observation Guide 2020