Placement of Info tables from village Kamjani to the waterfalls

Community Mobilizers

Ardonit Ismaili, the community mobilizator within his innovative initiative “Sharr-Our Natural Home” together with two representatives from Eko – Kamjani Mr. Rushit Ismani and Mr. Mahir Rexhepi on 16th september placed information boards in the village of Kamjan.

This is a very touristic place which need more advertising and greater investment.

During the day were also discussed the successful stories of Eko – Kamjani, who have turned wild landfills into parks, as well as the opening of tourist trails such as that of Kamjani Waterfalls which in number are 8.

Information boards were placed from the entrance of the highway to the village of Kamjan up to the 8th Waterfall in order to increase the number of visitors!

Together we hope that we will protect and promote the gifts that nature has given to us.