BRIDGE training on Access and inclusion in electoral processes


26 practitioners from election administration, political parties, institutions, CSOs and media took part in the three-day Internationally certified BRIDGE training on Access and inclusion in electoral processes supported by the

Embassy of Switzerland in North Macedonia.

The BRIDGE module addressed areas of electoral processes where access is a challenge as well as which segments of the population are affected, and what solutions could be applied.Both international and local trainers facilitated discussions on topics such as social inclusion in elections and using new technologies. Participants actively engaged in issues such as: reasonable accommodation in elections, unique barriers to political participation encountered by women, youth and people with different types of disabilities.

This workshop and other inclusion initiatives aim to facilitate access for everyone in the electoral process, and relevant stakeholders will provide voices to the unheard and marginalized, thus promote greater active participation of all citizens in the process.
The Workshop is part of the “Support the Electoral Reforms” Project.
About BRIDGE-Building Resources in Democracy, Governance and Elections. It is a modular professional development program with a particular focus on electoral processes.