Call for Applications: Innovative Initiative Grants

Community Mobilizers

The project Support to Electoral Reforms in North Macedonia of the Government of Switzerland announces a Call for awarding innovative initiative grants

Eligible to apply under this Call for Applications are civil society organisations that are registered as associations and foundations under the Law on Associations and Foundations.

Applications under this Call can only be submitted by electronic mail, to this address: [email protected]

The Call consists of Guidelines for Applicants (link) and Application Form (link). The complete documentation is available here.

The proposed innovative initiatives should identify a community problem or solution that was promised (in the electoral program) to be addressed by the local government or/and is incorporated in the current local government’s program, and mobilize the community to remind local authorities of their given promises.

Innovative initiatives should include, but not be limited to, the following:
• Presentation of the results of monitoring the selected topic at local level (individual meetings, town hall discussions, targeted presentations for different stakeholder groups, roundtables, video production, guest-speaking on local TV/radio outlets, social media);
• Collecting local community opinions about the monitored issue (what is their perception, is the issue sufficiently addressed and is it in the process of implementation);
• Debates between local self-government officials (responsible for acting on the monitored issue) and experts in the topic to exchange opinions about the achieved progress or the lack thereof;
• Organizing wider groups of citizens from the local community to remind local government officials (and political parties) of their promises (concert, peaceful protest march etc.);
• Guerrilla actions aimed at sharing/disseminating the monitoring results, presented as leaflets, posters, videos etc.;
• Organizing signing of petitions/open letters to responsible local self-government institutions;
• Development of simple IT applications aimed at mobilizing the local community regarding the monitored issue;
• Organizing and hosting online or in-person forums dedicated to the issue and collect the opinions of the local community members about the monitored issue and to what extent it is addressed;
• Other activities that lead to fulfilling the Project overall objective and outcomes.

The innovative initiatives should focus on local issues the addressing of which is within the remit of the local government. The Applicant should select a topic that was promised during the local elections of 2021, explore whether this topic is in the work plan, programs and budget of the LSGU for 2022 and organize the activities around that topic.
The duration of the innovative initiatives may not be lower than four (4) months nor exceed six (6) months.
The grant request should not exceed 300,000 MKD.
Applicants should be aware that, under this Call, they are eligible to submit only one application.

The amount made available under this Call for Applications is around 6,600,000 MKD.
Applications must be submitted electronically, as a single e-mail subjected: Call for Applications – Innovative Initiative Grants to the following address: [email protected]

The deadline for the submission of applications is 30 September 2022 by 16:00 (Macedonian time). The date and time of the received email will be considered as relevant proof of application within the given deadline. In response to the application submission email, applicants will receive a notification confirming receipt.

The project will not accept applications submitted by regular (postal) mail or hand delivery.

Applications must be submitted in ONE email message containing the following documents in the appropriate format (MS Word/Excel or PDF, as applicable) and not exceeding 20MB in size:
Filled Application Form
Annex 1. Budget and justification (1a. Budget of the 2I; 1b. Justification – link)
Annex 2. CVs (europass format – link) of the implementing staff
Annex 3. CVs (europass format – link) of the two proposed community mobilizers
Annex 4. Proof of the Applicant’s legal status by provision of a Certificate of Current Status issued by the Central Registry of North Macedonia, not older than 6 months at the point of the opening date of the Call (5 September 2022); scanned versions are acceptable;
Scanned part C. Declaration by the Applicant, signed by the Applicant’s legal representative.

Questions related to the Call and application procedure can be submitted to the following address: [email protected] no later than 20 September 2022.

The Project will hold one online information session about this Call for Applications, on 14 September 2022 from 12:00. You can join the info session on Zoom, at


Opening the Call for Applications: 5 September 2022
Information Session: 14 September 2022, 12:00
Deadline for submitting applications: 30 September 2022, 16:00
Grant Selection Committee Decision: October 2022
Notifications of Awards and Rejections: October 2022
Negotiations and Grant Agreement Signatures: October 2022