Joint discussion among RACs and Lolita Cigane, International expert for political issues

Research and Analytical Centers

As part of the project “Support to Electoral Reforms”, an online meeting was held between representatives of the four Research and Analytical Centers (IAC) of the largest political parties in the country with the international public policy consultant Lolita Cigane from Latvia, on which a vigorous discussion opened on strengthening the research capacities of the centers, implementation of the recommendations, encouragement and deepening of general analytical skills, as well as increasing the visibility of their research work.
The recommendations were aimed at better mutual understanding, acceptance and integration of the RAC’s in the structures of political parties and taking steps to make the leadership of political parties better understand the role and potential of the centers.

It is necessary to build consensus between the RAC’s and the communication teams of political parties, and the ultimate goal is the value of data and research of the centers, as a useful tool that can serve for mutual understanding, acceptance and integration of the RAC’s in party structures.

Finally, RACs should be encouraged to explore more opportunities for policy analysis, including through international examples, and cutting-edge data usage. In the forthcoming period, trainings are needed, building alliances to strengthen their position in the political parties.

RAC should be better integrated in political party activities and policy design