Presentation of the findings and the key policy recommendations on the topic: Youth and their data on internet

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On 13th of May, IFES held an event for presenting the overall process and the key policy recommendations, developed within an inclusive, evidence-based process which involved extensive consultative meetings, detailed quantitative and qualitative research, and validation discussions with varied stakeholders. The noteworthy collaboration with Brainster led to a hackathon, culminating in 9 comprehensive proposals for the digitization of policy recommendations.

The event represented an opportunity to present the process and unveil  the research findings, policy recommendations, and the victorious solution of the SavetheData Hackathon. Presentations and discussions delivered valuable insights into the online use and potential risks tied to personal data among the youth, proposing practical solutions to mitigate these issues.

The talented Brainster students, triumphant at the “Save the Data” hackathon, made a presentation of the digital solution dedicated to safeguarding the personal data of young individuals. This unique innovation stands out among the key recommendations of the public policy document titled “Youth and digital privacy”.



Presentation of the findings and the conclusion of the process for conducting in-depth Policy document on the topic: Youth and their data on internet