The Demographic Report, a data based tool useful for different target groups in the country

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The Report on the impact of demographic factors on citizens’ participation in public life and voter education, as part of the project “Supporting Electoral Reforms”, has been presented across the country as of September last year. This document contains a huge database, preceded by rigorous evidence-based surveys, providing unique respondents’ data and an insight into voters’ priorities, constraints and motivational factors for 13 demographic profiles.
In September 2021, the Report was presented for the first time in Skopje, Bitola, Tetovo and Veles, and a series of presentations have continued this year. Successful presentations were held in Struga, Sveti Nikole, Kumanovo and Skopje in March, and in early April in Tetovo, attended by representatives of local self-governments, municipal councils, women’s organizations, political parties, media, NGOs, young activists, community mobilizers, youth, and other civil society organizations.


Participants in these interactive sessions unanimously welcomed the exhaustiveness and relevance of the Report, and its potential, providing to political options a tool for a more extensive reach out and better program design. The readiness of youth for social involvement was highlighted as the most important aspect in promoting the participation of different groups of citizens, followed by equal integration of different ethnic communities, increasing interaction with rural settlements within municipalities. Emphasis was also placed on promoting positive examples that are valued by the community, such as gender equality, inclusiveness, education, human rights, health, better life quality and prosperity.
Recently, the report was also presented to youth wings from 26 political parties in the country, and to a forum of country’s leading media representatives.

108 participants took part in theses presentations of the Report. So far, over 880 citizens have been informed about the Demographic Report through the Facebook page of the “Supporting Electoral Reform” project and through our website.
This report is a result of a comprehensive and rigorous demographic survey of different categories of voters, regarding their priorities, constraints, and motivational factors. It includes findings and concrete proposals on how to improve civic/voter participation and the effectiveness of voter and citizen education campaigns and provides alternative modalities for voter engagement and increased voter participation in political processes, not just on election day.