The RACs of the four political parties on a Study visit to Brussels

Research and Analytical Centers

Eight representatives from the four Research and Analytical Centers (RACs of Alliance for Albanians, DUI, SDSM and VMRO-

DPMNE), jointly attended a study visit in Brussels in the period between 7-11th of November, as part of the Comprehensive Support Program for the RACs.

The program was organized around three main pillars:

  • to gather firsthand experience on the process of policy creation within the European Parliament (EP), learn more about the EU integration and the prospect of Western Balkans and North Macedonia
  • to gather information, knowledge and experience from practical point of policy implementation, trough the meetings with the European Commission and the European External Action Service (EEAS)
  • to learn more about the functioning of renowned political think tank organizations operating in Europe, to gather inspiration, best practices and model their work and activities in future

The overall program was structured to provide the RACs with blend of information, both technical and political but also educational which will help the RACs get inspired and improve their internal functioning.  The meetings were held with Members of the European Parliament, European Commission representatives, EEAS representatives and selected political think tanks and foundations.

The main takeaways of the overall program equipped the RACs with knowledge on new practices, ways of creating policies and research papers, influence on politics and politicians, but also overall functioning of the institutions and the similar like organizations. The representatives of the RACs in discussions with the counterparts exchanged their views on research, data collection methods, trends and latest polls and information but also overall political context in which they operate. The program provided a joint platform for discussion both among the four political parties but also with the EU representatives, part of the program.

Additionally, the representatives were exposed to discussion on the North Macedonia prospect, the positions and the next steps that each of the parties, but also the country as collective should undertake in order to continue its EU integration path.

The project “Support to Electoral Reforms” in continuity works with the RACs since their establishment, helping them to operate and function as per the law but also employ new and best practices which are directed towards citizens-oriented needs and data-oriented policies.