Our health is one of the most important priorities

Community Mobilizers

How high is the awareness both in our country and in the world about the importance of vaccines in the prevention of infectious diseases? How to reduce the impact of misinformation that hesitates people about immunization? Are vaccines our best immunization and protection? How to increase the level of immunization and reduce the threat to public health?
These current questions were answered by explicit slide presentations by medical experts at the “Immunize yourself” conference, an initiative implemented by the mobilizer Mila Mladenova.

For the past eight months, she has mobilized fellow citizens through social media, organized guerrilla activities, created videos and useful materials with educational and informative content in order to raise awareness among people to be vaccinated and to overcome the invisible risks. The “Immunize yourself!” Initiative is part of the “Support to Electoral Reforms” project.

In the introductory address, the medical student and host of the conference, Mladenovska, alerted that only 38 percent of the total population in our country has been vaccinated with two doses.


History remembers a number of deadly pandemics, which were eradicated by collective immunization. “Тhen, why today, when we live in a modern society and when the level of education is far greater than in the past, some people are hesitant and live with a dose of skepticism about vaccines?”, was the starting point in the presentations of experts: prof. Dr. Snezana Stojkovska, infectologist, prof. Dr. Katerina Stavriќ, pediatric immunologist, doc. Dr. Mary Kirias, Immunologist and Dr. Stefan Vasilevski, Former National Vaccine and Procurement Management Consultant.

The only way to deal with the pandemic is to get vaccinated, otherwise the global health crisis will not only be prolonged, but mental health will also be increasingly disrupted, especially in children. By protecting ourselves we protect others, especially the older categories of people. Only by raising collective awareness and altruism we can deal with the invisible enemy.