Who hinders what? Workshop on practices for protection and reintegration of victims of domestic violence

Academy for Public Policy

A workshop was held on July 24 in Kumanovo within the project “Who hinders what?”, An innovative initiative of Teodora Dimitrovska which explores the factors that hinder the implementation of the Law on Prevention and Protection from Violence against Women and Domestic Violence and is a call to local community to improve mechanisms for protection and reintegration of victims into society.

At the workshop, the participants were first introduced to the legal competencies that the municipality has in terms of social protection that it should provide. Furthermore, we heard examples from lecturers about the positive practices that exist in municipalities in other countries that in a simple but effective way allow not only to reduce the number of victims of domestic violence, but also faster reintegration of victims into society. The participants were actively involved throughout the event, and the main conclusion we received from the participants was that they know many cases of domestic violence that victims either do not report, or after reporting face system inefficiency and fear that however, they will not receive adequate protection from the local authorities in charge of providing it.