,,Roundtable Discussion on Youth Engagement and Participation in Policy Making''


On 14 July 2021 we gathered to discuss with the youth and on youth issues.

Youth representatives from different institutional levels were expressing their thoughts and their involvement for including young people in decision making bodies and fighting for youth’s rights.

Beside them present in this roundtable discussion were also young individuals who presented their view on the topic and posed questions to panelists.

Panelist for this roundtable discussion were:

  1. Artina Qazimi – The youngest MP and member of Club for Youth Issues and Policies in the Parliament of North Macedonia
  2. Gjorgji Tasev – Youth and Youth Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister of North Macedonia
  3. Filip Ivanovski – Youth Officer in Ministry of Culture
  4. Filip Temelkovski – Mayer of municipality Kisela Voda

We as a project will continue to initiate and organize as much as possible events like this, where young people can share their thoughts and problems from the everyday life.

Together for a better future!