Two-day workshop for promotion and strengthening of the capacities of the Regional offices (RO) of the SEC

Strengthened Institutions Conduct Fair and Efficient Election Process

A two-day workshop on “Voter List Management, Competencies, Challenges, Solutions, New Technologies” will be organized on January 24 and 25, with the participation of representatives from the RO.

The focus of this workshop is on improving and strengthening the capacity of the electoral administration. In particular it will focus on voters right, content of the voter list and competent institutions, procedures on Voters’ List updates including unаllocated voters, public inspection and similar. This workshop will also focus on update with new technologies used in the voting and election process.

This is first out of series of the workshops for election administration dedicated to the management of the Voters’ List, global, European and national experiences, trends and changes, peer exchange and support, data confidentiality, cyber hygiene, election security and human resource management.
These workshops will greatly contribute in furthering the effectiveness and efficiency of the election administration so they are capable to provide better services to the voters.

Last year, technical support was provided for the 34 regional offices of the State Election Commission (SEC). After detailed analysis and research, it was concluded that the RO need to further enhance their capacities and be provided more modern office infrastructure and computer technology, equipment, which was lacking to improve the overall operation and functioning of the SEC in conducting effective and transparent election processes.